Market Street Chinatown Archaeology Project

Market Street Chinatown Archaeology Project is a research and education program developed to catalog, analyze, report, and curate a collection of artifacts that were excavated in 1985-1988 from the site of the Market Street Chinatown founded in the 1860s, which was once located at the intersections of Market and San Fernando Streets in downtown San Jose. This project was developed as a collaborative effort between Stanford University, History San Jose, and CHCP.

Stanford Digital Exhibit

Since 2002, CHCP has enjoyed a partnership with History San Jose and Stanford University/Dr. Barbara L. Voss – lead investigator and Associate Professor. CHCP has worked on the Stanford Digital Exhibit, “There was a Chinatown Here”, and has collaborated with Stanford’s Digital Heritage Class where students study and investigate artifacts from the Market Street Chinatown Archaeology Project.

The following Market Street Chinatown artifacts have been investigated and documented on the Stanford Digital Exhibit (click on each item below to access its corresponding digital exhibit webpage):
CAHM Market Street Chinatown Exhibit

Many Market Street Chinatown artifacts (including the above) are on display at the Chinese American Historical Museum (CAHM).

The Market Street Chinatown Archaeology Project is featured in the beginning of a video titled “I am History San Jose”.  Watch the video below:

CHCP has also collaborated on Public Archaeology Days at History Park with Stanford students to conduct hands-on demonstrations of excavations, screenings, artifact identifications, and artifact reconstructions. This family educational program offers children an opportunity to become junior archaeologists, learning about the incredible world of archaeology, while simultaneously developing an interest in our local history. Keep an eye on our Upcoming Events calendar for any upcoming related events. For more info, contact Anita Kwock at