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The Chinese Historical and Cultural Project (CHCP) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and all donations to CHCP are tax-deductible in accordance with IRS regulations.

To make a tax-deductible donation, send a check (payable to CHCP; on memo line, designate donation category: General Donation, Scholarship, WWII Project, etc.) to:

CHCP – Donation
P. O. Box 5366
San Jose, CA 95150-5366


Make a donation by credit card at: (processing fees will be automatically added).

You can also help fundraise for CHCP by doing your shopping through and


The Chinese Historical and Cultural Project is composed entirely of volunteers. While we do not maintain a ‘real’ reference library or have a staff to conduct research, we try to answer our site visitors’ questions about Chinese American and Chinese topics.

Please also refer to our Virtual Museum & Library before sending your question.

Do NOT send files without checking with CHCP first. All unsolicited files are deleted without opening.

Please do NOT ask about:

  • The value or identification of Asian art or antiques. CHCP has neither the qualifications nor the mission to make appraisals. Try contacting an antique dealer specializing in Asian art or ask a museum with an Asian Art collection to refer you to an qualified appraiser.
  • Feng Shui topics. CHCP is not qualified to most questions relating to feng shui. In particular, do not ask about the significance of a street address.
  • Musical instruments. CHCP is not equipped to answer questions about musical instruments.
  • Translations. As an all-volunteer group, we cannot handle the volume of these requests.
  • Help with your homework.
  • Help with your school projects, except to suggest websites on your topics.
  • Participation in opinion surveys.
  • Interviews, except in exceptional circumstances. We cannot unduly impose the burden of being available for interviews on our members.
  • Help with genealogical research.

In general, since CHCP is an all-volunteer organization, we do not have the staffing to respond by any means other than e-mail.

We regret that CHCP is unable to meet most requests for interviews to serve as primary sources for school projects.

We try to acknowledge every question we receive. If you do not receive a response within three weeks, there is probably a technical mail-related problem. These are a few possibilities:

  • Please check that you have correctly entered your return address entered in your mail program. We respond by selecting REPLY TO ALL rather than referring to your signature.
  • Some mail systems will bounce mail back if your mail exceeds the space allotment.
  • Some e-mail systems filter out mail unless the return mail sender’s address is included in your address book. If you send e-mail on a system that employs a filter, be sure that you have done whatever is necessary to receive a CHCP answer from the e-address you used to contact us.
  • Occasionally the recipient’s e-mail provider experiences difficulties. CHCP will re-send bounced mail once, but cannot make attempts indefinitely.

If you have questions about the website itself or would like to report a broken link or other technical difficulty, please contact