05/14/20 Speaker Series Webinar: PBS Series “Asian Americans”

By Dave Yick, 2020 CHCP President

I would like to thank all who were involved in the making of CHCP’s first Speaker Series Webinar. Special thanks go to our Panelists* Donald Young, Connie Young Yu, and Gordon Smith, and our Moderator* Erwin Wong…They all were GREAT!…with tons of information and personal insights. And much thanks to all our CHCP Family and Friends who tuned in; we appreciate your continued support.

Even if you have already viewed the complete PBS Series and the Webinar, as Connie emphasized in her closing statement, it is worth seeing it again, since there is so much information to take in. The 5-part documentary series “Asian Americans” is now streaming for a limited time on PBS, co-produced by CAAM, at this website: https://www.pbs.org/show/asian-americans/

The last 20 minutes of the Webinar can be seen via the following link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/f9chgpjcfvraxru/AABSskyeWD84gppJSDIKI2-ua?dl=0

* Panelists:

  • Donald Young – CAAM Director of Programs and CAAM Executive Producer for the PBS Documentary Series, “Asian Americans”
  • Connie Young Yu – An internationally recognized Chinese American writer, historian, and lecturer. Connie is included in Episodes 1 and 5 of this PBS Series. She is a long time CHCP member and Advisory Board Member.
  • Gordon Smith – Vice President and Head Docent, Japanese American Museum SJ

Moderator:  Erwin Wong – CHCP Director and Speaker Series Chair

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